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Eurocoast properties for sale

Eurocoast properties for sale

Buying a new property overseas can be a daunting experience and having experienced advice can save a lot of heartache, we at Eurocoast have been offering that advice since we established in 2003. We have guided our clients through the process and helped them to achieve their wishes. Our construction company Eurocon is a Class A constructor (the highest level!), and has completed over 2500 properties for our clients and have many more under way. We have constructed some of the premier residential developments on the Island and our work can be seen in the best residential, commercial and tourism projects. All of our works reflect our ideology about concept design, excellent service and quality construction.

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Our Aim

It has always been our intention to provide the highest quality properties at an affordable price in the TRNC, designed and built by our construction company to the international standards and run and managed by our management company.

Our developments

We hope that you will see that we have taken time and effort in the planning of each of our own developments, we choose beautiful locations and we endeavour to design properties that will add to the area and will be in harmony with the surroundings. We construct with our own team to ensure that we achieve a consistently high quality level and our construction management ensure that we deliver this, time and time again.

Our Word

Because we have always delivered our products to a very high standard, within the time scales that we have agreed and signed to in the contract our customers are happy confirm to our ability to meet the standards that they expect. They are often the ambassadors for the company motto...


"Excellence with a personal touch”.

Our Projects

North Cyprus Developers

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